CP/M, Z80, Turbo Pascal

Turbo Pascal

Turbo Pascal Source (ZIP file, 151 KiB)
Once I disassembled Turbo Pascal for CP/M Z80, too. These sources can be assembled and linked by the SLR Toolchain. They cover all TP versions that I had available using conditional assembly to switch between. So you can easily see what has changed over time.
The runtime library is thoroughly commented, also the editor. The compiler still needs a lot of work.
I started commenting in German, and later translated to English, but some files are still lacking translation, see FILES.TXT.

Microsoft M80

Files for REZILOG (ZIP file, 5 KiB)
I also disassembled the Microsoft M80 Macro Assembler to some extent. The files in the ZIP archive are control files for the CP/M tool "REZILOG". This tool produces assembler source from the original binary file.
This text contains some explanations of the inner workings of the M80.
With this information, I created this Patch program (ZIP file, 10 KiB) that extends the M80 to the M180 which can also assemble the additional instructions of the Hitachi HD61480 (which later became the ZILOG Z180).

Author: Herbert Oppmann (email adress) updated: 2022-11-13